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Union Fitting

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Plug Fitting

A high performing, versatile plug fitting, designed to be compatible with any AFP fitting and valve as well as all fittings and valves currently on the market. Plug fittings include a nut with a ferrule on a solid rod and come in a variety of materials. AFP plug fittings come configured with the port fit-in set at the correct length. Plug fittings can be used to close off an unused port in a valve, manifold, or column.

Key Features:

  • Material: Brass
  • Inlet (Left): 1/16”
  • Length: Short

Benefits Include:

  • Works with any AFP system and are in spec for the gas chromatography market
  • Plug fittings are pre-configured with the port fit-in set to the correct length
  • Engineered out of high quality brass

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Width: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Height: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Weight: 0.0704 lb [0.07 lb]

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