Limited Warranty

THE WARRANTY DESCRIBED HEREIN IS THE ONLY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND APPLICABLE TO THE PRODUCTS AND IS EXPRESSLY GIVEN IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION STATUTORY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY WARRANTIES, WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL, CREATED OR EXTENDED BY ANY EMPLOYEE, DISTRIBUTOR, AGENT OR SALES REPRESENTATIVES OF APN Inc. OR ANY WRITTEN SALES MATERIAL SHALL APPLY TO THE PRODUCTS. 8. No agent, distributor, employee or representative of APN Inc. is allowed to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty whether written or verbal. 9. APN Inc. does not control the installation and use of its Products, and shall have no liability if a Product is used for an application for which it is not suited. This warranty shall apply only to Products that have been used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided by APN Inc. and it shall exclude any Product installed or used other than the normal manner or purpose for which it is intended. This warranty also excludes without limitation defects or damage to Products resulting from transportation, abuse, negligence, lack of care, inappropriate storage, handling, maintenance, alterations, changes and modifications or failure resulting directly or indirectly from the use of another product not supplied by APN Inc., the use of accessories, items, parts or equipment not authorized by APN Inc., repairs not made by APN Inc., power surges, normal wear and tear of the Product, cosmetic damages, vandalism, theft, fire, floods and all damage caused by a fortuitous event, by superior force or by a third party. 10. The failure to pay the purchase price of the Product or the failure to comply with any of the instructions provided by APN Inc. with regard to the Product shall automatically void this warranty. 11. Any information or data pertaining to the Products or Services, whether on APN Inc.’s website or in any information or promotional material, may contain inaccuracies and any reliance upon such information or data by Client.