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To manage Gas Chromatography applications with little down time, quality control matters

As a lab manager, quality control is of the utmost importance to you. However, if your GC systems have valves or other parts that are constantly causing failure, you are losing out on time and money.

  • Unreliable valves that leak or constantly require maintenance means your GC analysis application have a high rate of down time.
  • If a replacement part is needed, you need to be sure you can order and receive it quickly to minimize down time.

At AFP, we understand the importance of quality control. Each of our valves are tuned precisely and leak tested prior to shipping.

We design our valves and other parts with high quality materials and coatings. This allows certain valves to withstand corrosive environments or be suitable for high temperature applications. AFP’s products are engineered to be reliable and long lasting to minimize maintenance and down time for gc analysis.

Industry Leading High Performance Gas Chromatography Valves

Browse our complete family of Gas Chromatography Valves, including Diaphragm Valves, Rotary Valves, and Sample Stream Selection Valves, all engineered for today’s most demanding applications for GC analysis.


GC Injection & Switching Diaphragm Valves

AFP's GC Injection & Switching Diaphragm Valves are compact and performant with three different temperature grades, ambient to 100°C, 180°C, and 250°C. Each Injection & Switching Diaphragm Valve is engineered with sealing integrity and optional purged valve features to ensure sample purity. Our patented GC diaphragm valves are designed with precise machined components, all made in-house with strict quality control. This creates a GC diaphragm valve with minimal opportunity for cross-port leaks for confident trace analysis.

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GC Sampling & Switching Rotary Valves

AFP’s GC Sampling & Switching Rotary Valves are engineered to maximize efficiency. The rotary valve’s double stopper design increases the reliability and lifespan of the valve, which reduces maintenance and downtime. Rotor options allow the valve to be used in any GC system with varying temperatures, covering applications from room temperature to maximum temperatures ranging from 225°C to 350°C. Coating options include advanced materials to combat corrosion and sulfur compounds absorption. Optional purged rotary valves ensure sample integrity for trace analyses.

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Sample Stream Selection Diaphragm Valves

AFP’s GC Sample Stream Selection Diaphragm Valves offer individual port control, continuous flow path, and no dead volume effects for efficient, reliable sample stream selection in your GC analysis. Purge features for the Sample Stream Selection Diaphragm Valves prevent any inboard contamination and ensure sample integrity. Other options include an electrical actuator, good for some portable GC or when actuation gas is not available, while keeping the same reliability.

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When quality control matters, the Gas Chromatography valves you choose matter

Quality control is imperative for a Lab Manager; you need valves and other parts for your GC systems that have proven reliability and longevity to reduce maintenance costs and project down time.

AFP has engineered its Gas Chromatography valves with the highest quality materials and coatings to improve functionality and reduce costly maintenance required for many other valves currently on the market.

AFP has also integrated innovative features into its Gas Chromatography Rotary Valves and Gas Chromatography Diaphragm Valves to make sure each valve is long lasting.

Our Purged Valves have purge features embedded directly into the valve to prevent impurities from getting inside the system, removing the need for an additional purge box or other purging processes.

We also offer Dursan® and SilcoNert 2000® coated valves to combat corrosion and sulfur compounds absorption. Each Coated Valves comes with gold plated ferrules for improved sealing and to ensure inertness. Coated Valves come fully manufactured and tested with the coating to ensure maximum performance for accurate sample analysis.

These options allow for additional opportunities for AFP’s Gas Chromatography valves to not only perform better, but also increase their longevity.

From Sample Stream Selection Diaphragm GC Valves to Injection & Switching Diaphragm GC Valves and Sampling & Switching Rotary GC Valves, AFP’s selection of Gas Chromatography valves prevent any inboard contamination and ensure sample integrity, making them reliable and accurate for your GC systems.

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