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AFP’s History: From Gas Chromatography Manufacturing to Developing Our Own GC Valves for the Air Separation and Semiconductor Market

Back in 2006, AFP was Contrôle Analytique Inc, an OEM manufacturing GC analyzers. During that time, we found that the commercial off the shelf products were not meeting our requirements. Valves were leaking, causing contamination and sample impurity. As an answer to this problem, we began to develop Gas Chromatography valves internally to compensate and replace the lower quality valves out in the market.

Once we were able to engineer a higher performance valve, we recognized that the demand for these leak-free GC valves was not limited to our company. In 2008, AFP was born as we commercialized our valves and took them to market as a solution for leaking and contamination in other GC valves.

After realizing the gap in the GC valve market and providing a reliable and innovative solution, we needed to find ways to continue our growth and production capabilities. In 2016, AFP was acquired by our long term partner, APN, to scale up our supply chain and the production side of the company. 2022 saw AFP's acquisition by Schivo, which allowed us to further increase our manufacturing capacity and production rates.


Looking to the future

Our AFP team is actively looking for new ways to develop and improve our GC valves. We currently have 10 patents, including our MRVHT, Purge Rotary Valve and our MEA-I mini actuator. Our engineering team also has a roadmap of new products in different stages of development. We are continuously looking for new ways to scale and grow our product line to meet the needs of the Gas Chromatography industry.


Rotary Valve And Analytical Chromatographic System Using The Same

United States Pat. # 7,503,203


Diaphragm-sealed Valve Having Intermediate Communication Ports

United States Pat # 8,104,506


Diaphragm-sealed Valve With Process Purging Groove

United States Pat # 7,931,043


Diaphragm-sealed Valve, Analytical Chromatographic System And Method Using The Same

United States Pat # 7,216,528


Temperature Compensated Valve For Gas Chromatography

United States Pat. # 8,794,594 / 8,851,452


Diaphragm-sealed Valve With Process Purging Groove & Diaphragm-sealed Valve Having A Locking Mechanism

United States Of America Pat. # 7,931,043 / 8,469,057


Conical Rotary Valve For Chromatographic Applications

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Improved Fitting Component, Ferrule And Nut

United States Pat. # 8,573,653


Diaphragm-sealed Valve With Improved Actuator Design

United States Pat. # 9,377,444


Improve Plunger Design for Diaphragm Valves

United States Pat. 2022/0074504 A1
(Patent Pending)


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Our Team at AFP

We value our customers’ feedback and actively implement it when developing current and future products, all with the goal of producing high quality, reliable Gas Chromatography valves. If you have questions about how our current line of rotary valves, diaphragm valves, purge valves, or other GC valves will work for you, please reach out to our team of experts.

Our team at AFP, from Sales and Support, to Engineering, to Production and Quality Control, all operate with the same goal in mind; we work directly with our customers to help them build better analytical instruments.