Gas Chromatography Valves for the Semiconductor Industry

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Getting accurate results from your Gas Chromatography analyzer can be difficult

The challenges that your clients in the semiconductor industry face are extensive:

  • Carryover and cross-contamination can wreak havoc on data from Gas Chromatography analyzers jeopardizing accuracy, compliance, and ultimately, project timelines.
  • Sample integrity challenges, trace level detection requirements, and demanding regulatory regulations can slow down the analysis process or impact the accuracy of the results.
  • Quality control standards demand high purity system which means, ambiant comtamination of the sample needs to be avoided. Often system needs to be in a purged environment whic sometime might be hard to design in order to be compact and reliable.

AFP has engineered purge features directly into the valve itself, creating a solution that prevents any inboard contamination, ensures sample integrity, and also decreases costs and maintenance due to the extended longevity of the Gas Chromatography purge valves.

AFP’s family of patented purged valves for the semiconductor industry


Gas Chromatography Injection & Switching Purged Diaphragm Valves

Injection & Switching Purged Diaphragm Valves are engineered with sealing integrity to ensure sample purity and are certified up to 250°C. Our Gas Chromatography diaphragm purge valves are tuned and tested to eliminate cross-port leaks for high confidence trace analysis.

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Gas Chromatography Sampling & Switching Purged Rotary Valves

The Purged Rotary Valve has an internal purge feature, which ensures sample integrity for trace analyses without any necessary external housing or purge boxes. Purge sealing is made of the same material as the process groove, eliminating the need for an o-ring. The double stopper design increases the lifespan of the valve in medium temperature Gas Chromatography applications, up to 225°C.

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Sample Stream Selection Purged Diaphragm Valves

Stream Selection Diaphragm Valves prevent any inboard contamination and ensure sample integrity. Individual port control, continuous gas flow path, and no dead volume effects in the diaphragm valves allow for efficient, reliable sample stream selection in your GC analyses.

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Improve sample integrity and reduce quality control challenges

One of the main challenges for the semiconductor industry is quality control and clean samples with no trace impurities for Gas Chromatography analysis.

Any impurities will contaminate the batch, which can cause excess time and cost to be added to the loss of production. While there are a few purge methods available for Gas Chromatography, most require an outside piece of equipment on top of or covering the valve to keep the sample integrity and make sure no ambient air pollutes the gas.

AFP’s Purged Valves are engineered to embed purge features directly into the valve to prevent impurities from getting inside the system, bypassing any additional purge boxes or other purging processes.

From Sample Stream Selection Purged Diaphragm GC Valves to Injection & Switching Purged Diaphragm GC Valves and Sampling & Switching Purged Rotary GC Valves, AFP’s selection of purged valves prevent any inboard contamination and ensure sample integrity for trace analyses.

Because of this, the Gas Chromatography purged valves offer a comprehensive solution to address semiconductor manufacturers common challenges and ensure accurate, reliable, and efficient gas analysis.

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