Gas Chromatography for the Air Separation Industry

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When you’re analyzing Nitrogen, Oxygen or Argon, sample integrity is critical

In the air separation industry, it's key to have lines that are free of impurities to be able to achieve accuracy when analyzing for low concentration components in your samples.

Any leaks can cause contamination due to impurities of the ambient air inside the system.

  • When you are looking for trace impurities in a gas, you need a valve that allows the lowest detection limit possible
  • To ensure sample integrity, you need a valve that has low outgassing and will not react or create another byproduct
  • A valve with purge features to prevent any inboard contamination is critical, and most of the commonly used valves require an additional piece of equipment that sits outside the valve, which can be bulky and inaccurate due to contamination risks

Whether you are using rack mount GC or standard process GC for air separation, you need a valve for your gas chromatography application that is reliable and will consistently keep sample integrity.

AFP’s purged diaphragm valves are ideal for the challenging purity standards in the air separation industry.

The internal purge feature plays a crucial role by preventing any inboard contamination, ensuring sample integrity, and also decreasing costs and maintenance due to the extended longevity of the gas chromatography purge valves for air separation.

AFP’s family of purged diaphragm valves for the air separation industry


Gas Chromatography Injection & Switching Purged Diaphragm Valves

Injection & Switching Purged Diaphragm Valves are engineered with sealing integrity to ensure sample purity and are certified up to 250°C. Our gas chromatography diaphragm purge valves are tuned and tested to minimize cross-port leaks for high confidence trace analysis in the air separation industry.

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Sample Stream Selection Purged Diaphragm Valves

Stream Selection Diaphragm Valves prevent any inboard contamination and ensure sample integrity. Individual port control, continuous gas flow path, and no dead volume effects in the diaphragm valves allow for efficient, reliable sample stream selection in your air separation GC analyses.

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Purged Diaphragm Valves with Coatings

AFP also offers coating options for our Purged Diaphragm Valves. Coatings include Dursan® and SilcoNert 2000® to combat corrosion. Coated purged diaphragm valves come fully manufactured and tested with the coating to ensure maximum performance for accurate sample analysis in the air separation industry.

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Achieve reliable sample integrity with Purged Diaphragm Valves

One of the main challenges for the air separation industry is sample integrity with no trace impurities during gas chromatography analysis.

When dealing with ultra high purity gas, any impurities or ambient air that has infiltrated the system will cause false results, which can lead to time and cost added to the loss of production.

Most valves on the market require an outside piece of equipment on top of or covering the valve to keep the sample integrity.

AFP’s Purged Diaphragm Valves have purge features directly embedded into the valves.

This creates a barrier which prevents any inboard contamination and prohibits impurities from getting inside the system, eliminating the need for any outside purge boxes or other purging processes while also playing a crucial role in ensuring sample integrity.

Because of its internal purge feature, the Purged Diaphragm Valve is reliable, easy to maintain, and has increased longevity for air separation analysis.

The Purged Diaphragm Valve also carries a significantly smaller footprint due to the purge groove being embedded in the valve itself, which allows for more compact instruments and increased cost savings.

AFP’s selection of Injection & Switching Diaphragm Purge GC Valves are ideal for Rack Mount GC, Process GC, and Lab GC.The gas chromatography diaphragm purge valves offer a comprehensive solution for any system to address common challenges found in the air separation industry.

Using the diaphragm purge valves ensures reliable results and sample integrity even at a low detection limit.

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