Gas Chromatography Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Testing refinery gas samples for purity or composition should be precise and accurate each time

However, in the gas and oil industry, it can be challenging to find a Gas Chromatography valve that can achieve an accurate gas sample reading every time.

  • Purity standards are high and many Gas Chromatography rotary valves do not prevent contamination, making the testing process difficult and lengthy
  • Often times, GC valves for higher temperature applications are not reliable or available
  • Necessary purge features require an additional piece of equipment that sits outside the valve, which can be bulky and inaccurate due to contamination risks

Whether testing is performed in a lab setting or in the field, accuracy is crucial.

AFP has engineered its purged rotary valves with an internal purge feature, which makes it ideal for any environment - whether it be dusty or sterile.

The internal purge feature prevents any inboard contamination, ensures sample integrity, and also decreases costs and maintenance due to the extended longevity of the Gas Chromatography purge valves.

AFP’s family of rotary valves


Rotary Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry

AFP’s GC Sampling & Switching Rotary Valves are engineered with a double stopper design, which increases the reliability and lifespan of the valve, while also reducing maintenance and downtime.

The design of the Gas Chromatography rotary valves makes it more resistant in harsh environments, but also able to function well in a laboratory setting.

Due to their design, Rotary Valves are more robust and will ensure sample integrity.

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Purged Rotary Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry

AFP’s Purged Rotary Valves for Gas Chromatography systems feature a patented real internal purged rotor design.

This engineering eliminates the need for an external purged housing or the use of multiple o-ring seals, which tend to wear due to friction under normal operation of the valve which increases the potential risk of atmospheric contamination.This makes the Purged Rotary valve ideal for high sensitive applications.

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High Temperature Rotary Valves for Oil and Gas Industry

AFP has additional features for its Gas Chromatography Rotary Valves for any necessary applications.

Our MRV-HT valve extends your Gas Chromatography applications up to 350°C and solves the common issues of current high temperature GC valves - sudden failures due to rotor stripping - while also eliminating complex reconditioning procedures.

Other options include Coated gas sampling valves that come fully manufactured and tested with the coating to ensure maximum performance for H2S applications.

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Improve the accuracy of your Gas Chromatography analysis with AFP’s rotary valves

One of the main challenges AFP sees for the oil and gas industry is finding a product that will allow for accurate sample results each time, no matter the testing environment.

When you are looking to test a sample, you need a GC valve that will provide pure and accurate results.

This valve also needs to be reliable for Gas Chromatography analysis, easy to maintain, and be proven to have longevity in the field to reduce overall cost of ownership.

AFP’s GC Sampling & Switching Rotary Valves are ideal for analysis for both field and laboratory environments and have a variety of features, including purge, high temperature up to 350°C, and coating options that allow them to work in a diverse range of applications.

The double stopper design of Gas Chromatography rotary valve and the composition of the rotor causes less friction on the valve itself, which increases its longevity in the field.

AFP’s Rotary Valves are also available with a purge feature.

Differing from the competitions’ purged rotary valves, AFP achieves a purged valve through an internal purge design, rather than an external purge housing or O-rings.

AFP’s Purged Rotary Valves have a real sealed rotor with 3 contact points to achieve the sealing and prevent any inboard contamination.

AFP also offers high temperature Rotary Valves with our MRV-HT high performance valve that can extend your chromatography applications up to 350°C.

Additionally, we offer coated GC valves that can be purchased fully coated and tested.

AFP’s Gas Chromatography rotary valves offer a variety of options to provide a comprehensive solution to address common challenges found in the oil and gas industry and ensure accurate and reliable sample analysis that is standardized and ambient contaminant free no matter the testing environment.

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