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Union Fitting

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Filtering Union Fitting, SilcoNert 2000® Coated

The Filtering Union Fitting is designed to be a leak free part of any gas chromatography system. This Fitting connects two pieces of tubing of the same O.D for a stronger connection and no dead volume. Engineered out of high quality SS-316L, the Filtering Union Fitting is designed with built-in filtration to prevent any damage or clogged valves and is a necessary part of a leak free, high performance gas chromatography instrument.

The addition of SilcoNert 2000® coating improves reliability, durability, and creates an inert flow path for increased analytical results. All SilcoNert 2000® coated unions, tees, and crosses come with gold plated unions to assure the inertness of the connection.

Key Features:

  • Material: SS-316L
  • Inlet (Left): 1/16”
  • Outlet (Right): 1/16”
  • Bore: 0.040”
  • Coating: SilcoNert 2000®

Benefits Include:

  • Joins two pieces of tubing of the same O.D for a stronger connection and lower volume
  • Engineered from high quality SS-316L
  • Works with any AFP system and are in spec for the gas chromatography market
  • SilcoNert 2000® coated with gold plated unions for increased inertness of the connection

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Width: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Height: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Weight: 0.0704 lb [0.07 lb]

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