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10-Port GC Purged Rotary Valve

AFP’s Purged Rotary Valves for Gas Chromatography systems feature a patented real internal purged rotor design. This feature eliminates the need for an external purged housing or the use of multiple o-ring seals, which tend to wear due to friction under normal operation of the valve, increasing the potential risk of atmospheric contamination. This makes the Purged Rotary valve ideal for highly sensitive applications.

RVP Purge Valve Advantages

  • Does not require external purge box or purge housing
  • Real internal purge removes the need for external o-rings which prevents inboard/outboard contamination
  • All RVP valves are leak tested and the performance of the purging groove is tested at no additional charge

Key Features:

  • Ports: 10
  • Temperature: 225°C
  • Pressure: 325 psi
  • Material: Nitronic 60
  • Port Size: 0.025”
  • Coating: None
  • Purge: Yes
  • Standoff: None

Benefits Include:

  • High Durability: High performance alloy increases lifespan of the rotary valve
  • Increased Sensitivity: Maintain sample integrity thanks to the sealing performance of the AFP rotary valve
  • Higher Quality: Every valve is leak tested before shipping at no additional cost
  • Increased Reliability: AFP’s double stopper design reduces maintenance and downtime

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 2.1 in [53.34 mm]
Width: 2.07 in [52.578 mm]
Height: 2.07 in [52.578 mm]
Weight: 0.4994 lb [0.5 lb]

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