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Union Fitting

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Filtering Reducing Union

Reducing union are use to join two different size of tubing together. We actually are able to offer 1/8’’ and 1/16’’ tubing size at the moment. All our 1/8’’ fittings are made with a fine pitch thread. This design reduces the torque required to make proper connections and also ease the plumbing inside the analyzer. We also develop filtering reducing union that we called End Column Fitting. This is an excellent column end fitting for the typical packed columns found in gas GC. This type of fitting make the welding at the end of column obsolete.

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 1.79 in [45.466 mm]
Width: 0.49 in [12.446 mm]
Height: 0.49 in [12.446 mm]
Weight: 0.0704 lb [0.07 lb]

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