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GC Sampling & Switching Rotary Valve w/ Pneumatic Actuator and 4" Standoff

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High Temperature 10-Port GC Rotary Valve with Pneumatic Actuation

The MRV-HT high performance rotary valve with pneumatic actuation extends your chromatography applications up to 350°C. The rotor (R3) in the MRV-HT is constructed with a PFAS-free high temperature polyimide/graphite composite. This rotary valve solves the common issues of current high temperature valves - sudden failures due to rotary stripping - while also eliminating complex reconditioning procedures.

Key Features:

  • Ports: 10
  • Temperature: 350°C
  • Pressure: 325 psi
  • Material: Nitronic 60
  • Port Size: 0.025”
  • Coating: None
  • Purge: None
  • Standoff: 4” Standoff with Pneumatic Actuator

The MRV-HT Advantages

  • Ideal for applications that require temperatures in the range of 225°C to 350C, with the optimal temperature being 330°C
  • Allows for up to 50 actuation cycles at room temperature without damaging the rotor/sealing for instrument tuning and leak testing
  • No reconditioning required to tune the system, which leads to faster installation times
  • New preload design to ease maintenance operations
  • Compatible with AFP pneumatic actuators and electrical actuator (MEA-I) in an assembly using a standoff

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 7.1 in [180.34 mm]
Width: 2.0 in [50.8 mm]
Height: 3.88 in [98.552 mm]
Weight: 0.9988 lb [1.0 lb]

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